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Processed foods mean you put on weight more easily

“computer-based interventions” effective for weight loss


A recent review of 14 weight loss studies has found that computer and web-based weight loss programmes are highly effective when it comes to losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.

The report, “Interactive computer-based interventions for weight loss or weight maintenance in overweight or obese people” published in The Cochrane Library on 15th Aug 2012 analysed the results of 18 studies involving over 4000 people looking to lose or maintain weight. All studies were of randomised or semi randomised trials involving computer and web-based weight management systems.

The report found that “Compared to no intervention or minimal interventions (pamphlets, usual care), interactive computer-based interventions are an effective intervention for weight loss and weight maintenance”.

The report also found that after 6 months, the computer-based interventions resulted in greater weight loss amongst the participants than minimal interventions.

LivSmarter opinion

We at LivSmarter firmly believe that the future of male weight loss will be internet-based. The use of computer-based tools to track and manage weight loss progress is incredibly powerful, particularly when combined with the added convenience and privacy required by many people looking to lose weight.

Similarly, the education and support that can be offered in our web-based service is invaluable in preparing people for the long term achievement of weight loss and management.